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Tex-Mex meets New-Mex Fiesta

Here’s a menu I created for Jo’s post-dissertation defense (“Dark Matter”) party Spring 2008. It was a huge hit for both the vegans and omni’s alike. It served about 40 people buffet-style, with plenty for morning-after leftovers. I used about 3 doz tamales and made about 2 dry C of the quinoa. I didn’t scale up any of the recipes (except for the quinoa and the margaritas). It was BYOB, and we had a house Sangria for the guests, but naturally some wanted my wonderful margaritas. So we went through about 2-3 full pitchers, which used a total of a full bottle of tequila and about 1.5 bottles of triple sec.

This menu would also serve nicely as a buffet at a big Super Bowl Party this coming February! 🙂

Main Munchers:

Basic Roasted Vegetables (Roasted Red Bell, Corn, Zucchini, Red Onion) served with tortilla chips
Black Bean tamales with Tomatillo Salsa and Pico de Gallo
New Mexican Veg & Quinoa (with Tomatillos, Green Chilies, Black Beans, Corn, and Spinach)
Spicy nuts and seeds
Jo’s Favorite Roasted Potatoes
Zucchini fritters – my secret recipe, sorry folks – maybe I’ll let it go one day when we put out a Primate cookbook 😉
Fresh fruit salad

Dessert and Drinks:

Sugar Cookies (in drop form, not specially shaped)
House Sangria
Margaritas (Pitcher)

Happy Hosting!

On This Day In History: Classic 3-Bean Salad


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tomato soup1What does one feed to a incredulous omni or contravening family member? What does a vegan tell a skeptical omni is an acceptable dish they can make for you to eat at a gathering, without stressing the omni out with ‘special vegan ingredients’? What are some quick and simple ideas that could have even the most cynical guest asking for the recipe at the end of the meal?

From the omni perspective (because maybe there’s some omni’s out there reading this and have a vegan friend that they want to feed), what does one serve to satisfy the lone vegan at the table – that consists of more than a plate of leafy greens and some olive oil? What can an omni include in their diet to make themselves healthier without stressing over buying a whole slew of ‘strange and bizarre‘ items that they can’t find at the grocery store?

Ok, I think you get the idea of what I’ll be discussing in this post – quick and easy dishes, sure to please anyone regardless of their chosen dietary habits, which use only items that can be found at any grocery store!

baked rice casserole9Tex-Mex Rice4Green_Enchiladas2

Here’s a few items that have been field-tested at many joint omni/vegan tables 😉

Dad-inspired Baked Rice Casserole, burrito style
Black Bean Burgers with a side of Spicy Potato Wedges – always a hit!
Black Bean Quinoa Saladquinoa is becoming more popular in your non-hippiemarts, but if you can’t find it, use brown rice
Broccoli Pasta with a side of Velvety Tomato Soup
Green Enchiladas with a side of Tex-Mex Rice
New Orleans Red Bean and Rice Soup with a glass of wine, because it’s SPICY

black bean burger and potato wedges

On the lighter side of things:
Spinach and Chickpea Dinner Salad with a fresh fruit sorbet or coconut milk ice cream for dessert
Wild Brown Rice Salad with a side of Hannah’s Potato Salad or Coconut Curry Chickpea Soup

Coconut Curried Chickpea Soup

When deciding what to make, think of things that an omni wouldn’t feel that is lacking or sub-par because it’s a vegan dish (think “no cheese in the enchiladas or on the pizza” – that freaks people sometimes because it’s not the norm). Try to think of things that are naturally vegan (and I don’t  mean Oreo’s) – think rice and beans/veg (colorful veg), or pasta, or a vegetable soup. If the plate is colorful and appealing to the eye…nobody is going to notice that there isn’t any animal products. They’ll be excited to be eating something so aesthetically pleasing! 😀

Happy Eating!

On This Day In History: Oh my Darlin’ Clementine-n-Mango Juice


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Memorial Day Munchies

cc2Ah, Memorial Day is almost upon us… Another holiday filled with gatherings outside, and by this I mean backyard or beachfront BBQs. So what is a person to do when they know they’ll be confronted with parties filled with vegan-unacceptable foods? Since most BBQs are filled with hamburgers, hotdogs, and other unfortunate foods, it becomes a perfect opportunity to show off your mad skillz in the realm of vegan foods! Here’s a few ideas of what to bring to a party, or to serve at your own! Obviously you don’t need all of this, especially the desserts – but this is just a list of things that can travel well for you to choose from! 🙂

Black Bean Burgers
Grilled New Potatoes with Red Pepper Crust (these are one of Dads personal fav’s)orzo-almond salad5
Orzo-Almond Salad
Frijoles Borrachos
New Potato and Green Bean Salad
Texas Cornbread
Various Salsas: Roasted Corn, Pico de Gallo, Tomatillo
Chocolate Zucchini Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Zesty Lemon Shortbreads
Brownies with Homemade Vanilla Bean or Strawberry Fields Forever Ice Cream

black bean burger and potato wedges

Happy Holidays!

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pico de galloHere at the Primate, Jo and I are known for loving our Mexican food! And though we realize that Cinco de Mayo is not the actual Mexican Independence holiday that the US has somehow turned it into, and rather a specific battle celebration, we partake in the festivities all the same. So here’s a few menu ideas for your Cinco de Mayo celebration – hey, any reason to make up a pitcher of margaritas and a huge bowl of salsa.. 🙂 Here’s some quick and easy foods that can be made for an impromptu or planned Cinco de Mayo Fest!

Fresh Salsas: Pico de gallo or Tomatillo, or both 😉
Hearty Black Bean and Corn salsa
Mexican Quinoa
Spicy Potato Wedges
SOP: Margaritasquinoa

Tell your friends to bring chips, ice, and any Mexican beer they prefer and you’re set to go! You could also make some Watermelon sorbet for the kiddo’s to keep you cool in that hot sun!watermelon sorbetFM watermelon

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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New Year’s Eve @ 1323 Menu

Who doesn’t love a menu that dazzles and wow’s, but doesn’t wear you out before a night of partying? Jo and I decided at the last minute to throw a NYE party (hence the last minute posting), so naturally I must put together a menu as well. If you don’t have all day to spend in the kitchen, canned beans and pre-baked pita will suffice. Cocktail anyone?

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Herbed White Bean Puree
Fresh Pita bread
Yucca chips
Rosemary cashews
Black bean and Roasted Corn salsa
Tortilla chips (homemade or store-bought, depending on your time)
Zesty Lemon Shortbreads

Happy New Year’s Everyone!

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Here at the Primate, it’s obvious we’re huge fans of Seinfeld…so why not take part in a Seinfeld Holiday celebration: Festivus! And while Festivus is traditionally celebrated on December 23rd, we choose to celebrate Christmas and Festivus simultaneously on December 25th – just to keep things simple for those participants not otherwise inclined to celebrate something outside the norm of society.

Our Festivus menu is very similar to our T-day menu, but here’s what I plan to organize for the Festivus Feast this year!

5 AM Breakfast: That’s right..I make everyone wake up and open presents before the sun comes up, but the consolation prize is yummy breakfast and hot cocoa! And if someone opts to have “two-fingers” of whiskey on the rocks or a shot of Amaretto in the cocoafinal, fine…it’s Festivus, nobody is here to judge. But beware the Airing of Grievances if you have more than those two fingers 😉

Hot chocolate with Sweet & Sara marshmallows
Cinnamon Rolls

Festivus Feast – late lunch/early dinner:

Baby Spinach Salad with lime & herb dressing
Black Bean Tamales
Mashed Potatoes
Texas Cornbread Dressing
Roasted Corn Salsa
Pico de Gallo
Roasted Green Beans and Carrots with Red Onion
Potato House Rolls
Chianti Classico and Rieslings, per usual

img_2854pico de gallo

Post-coma Dessert:

Cranberry-Upside Down Cake
Pecan Pie à la mode
Vanilla Bean-Bourbon Ice Cream (for la mode) – just add a hearty shot of bourbon into the vanilla ice cream, hoohoo-doggy!

Other things we might be noshing on include Cardamom-Spiced Coffee Cake, a plethora of teas, Sprinkled Festivus cookies, Peppermint Brownies, Red Velvet Cake with White Chocolate Ganache Frosting, Chuy’s Tex-Mex (that’s SOP on a trip to Houston), and possibly fudge and/or pralines.festivushumanfund

Happy Festivus Everyone!!


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Giving Thanks, Tex-Mex Style

Here’s a representation of a typical Turk family Thanksgiving. This was our 2006 T-day menu! For the last 3 years, the Thanksgivings have been totally vegan, and for about 4 or so years before that they were vegetarian. So hopefully this will give you guys some help, or at least some inspiration, on what to serve or bring to the meal if it’s your first or 50th vegan Thanksgiving! In addition to this menu, Jo and I have/will be posting some other dishes that would be delicious and perhaps we’ll even include them in our own future holiday meals..but here’s what we’ve had in the past. It is a bit on the Tex-Mex side of themes, but not every holiday has to be traditional right?!


Cinnamon rolls
Fresh fruit and juice

Thanksgiving Meal – usually a late lunch/early dinner:

Basic greens salad with a little lemon, olive oil, and herb dressing
Black Bean Tamales with Pico de gallo
Mashed Potatoes
Sautéed Mixed Veggies (Broccoli, peas, spinach, red bell pepper, carrots, etc)
Blue Texas Cornbread Dressing
Mashed potato house rolls
Chianti Classico


Pecan Pie
Blueberry Tart
German Riesling

Some of these recipes are already posted, others are coming, and we get the tamales from Texas Tamale Company. For some people (maybe just South Texans like us), tamales are a big part of the Christmas holiday, but we decided to have them for our Thanksgivings as well since we were no longer participating in the cruelty of having a turkey. I don’t have photos because we weren’t blogging and taking pics of food back then..but I’ll be sure to take tons this year!!

Other years we’ve made a red chile enchilada-like sauce (but a bit thicker, like a chili with some diced tomatoes added in) for the tamales, used yellow cornmeal for the dressing, etc..but one thing that remains constant is the mashed potatoes! We always have mashed potatoes – and we make about a ton of them! Other ideas that we’ve posted up to this point that I think would be yummy at a T-day meal: Jo’s Cranberry-Almond Green Beans, New Potato and Green Bean Salad, Potato Gratin, Roasted Thyme Potatoes, and if you’re going for a Tex-Mex theme offer the Tomatillo Salsa in addition to Pico!

Happy Cooking!

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