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Happy Birthday to Me!!! I’ve had a wonderful day thus far. I slept in, executed Operation Cupcake, awaiting Indian food tonight…wait, did you say Operation Cupcake? Oh yeah, baby! For the first time in a long time, I haven’t had to bake my own birthday cake!! Thank you Sticky Fingers!! For those who aren’t aware, Sticky Fingers is a totally vegan (and they have GF stuff too) bakery in DC. I thought about getting a cake, but I decided…how often am I in DC and get to taste the goodness that is a vegan bakery. So I decided upon cupcakes, a dozen in fact. One may say that a dozen is way too many cupcakes for just two people. I say, HA, you can never have too many cupcakes! Plus, this way I get to taste the many flavors of Sticky Fingers. I purchased (starting clockwise at 7ish o’clock) two Strawberry Creme Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Love with Sprinkles (couldn’t resist the sprinkles), Toasted Almond Creme, Peanut Butter Fudge, Cookies-n-Cake, and S’mores. I purchased in two’s so that way Jo and I could both have individual cuppies of each flavor – sometimes, you just don’t want to share. 😉 I hope she likes my selections…

Sticky Fingers Cuppies

I have this tradition or philosophy (whatever), that no matters whose birthday it is…everyone should celebrate it! So to all Primate readers, I charge you to treat yourself today in honor of my birth! 🙂

Happy Birthday!


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