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I know it’s been a while, and there’s been a relative lack in recipes lately.. Good news, I’ve got some downtime so I suspect that’ll change over the next few weeks. I’ve been busy leading a yoga teacher training, and it monopolizes most of my time for 6 weeks. I graduated a group of teachers on Saturday (Oct 13), and now for some much needed rest.. and baking! Before the baking and inevitable Halloween smorgasbord of deviously delectable treats ensues, let’s start with something healthy! A sweet and delicious green juice! It does require a juicer, but if all you have is a blender.. you could do the same juice, you’d just have a little more pulp and fiber present ~ certainly still good for you! For those hesitant on drinking kale and/or mustard greens.. trust me, with enough apple and citrus, you can’t taste the greens! This recipe makes enough for a single pint, or two 8 oz Soy Candles By Phebes-size glasses.

2 leaves kale
2 leaves mustard greens
about 8 sprigs fresh cilantro
a few additional leftover kales stems (I made some kale the other night for dinner and instead of tossing the stems, I save them for juicing)
2 medium gala apples
1 small lime
1 small lemon
1 medium tangelo


1. Wash all your fruit and veg. Chop your apple into slices that will fit in your juicer. Set up your juicer and turn on. 🙂

2. Juice all veg and fruit, save the citrus. Using a citrus juicer (or your monstrously strong hands), juice the citrus and strain into the greens and apple juice blend.

3. Drink and enjoy!

**NOTE: Fresh juice such as this doesn’t have a long shelf-life, so only juice what you’re going to drink immediately ~ preferably within 10 min, if not within the hour. Vitamins and nutrients begin to breakdown after the first 10 min of juicing.. so the sooner the better for maximum benefit.

Happy Juicing!!

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So we all think about Spring Cleaning our houses or apartments…but lest we forget to Spring Clean our own bodies – the temple in which we continuously inhabit regardless of where our brick and mortar resides. Here’s a few recipes from posts-past that provide a little detoxification of the body, for which Springtime is the most apropos.

If you have the time, the 4-day Springtime Detoxifying Cleanse is absolutely wonderful! As is fresh fruit…tons of fresh fruit!

For just a quick kick into purification, Teatime: Rosey Detox is a simple and easy way to get a minor flushing…and with just a cup, I do mean minor. But every little bit helps, right?!

And for the smoothie-inclined, and with Farmer’s Markets beginning to appear throughout the South (it may take a few more weeks for those further North)..check out the Pineapple-Cherry Pick-Me-Up! This smoothie provides the slightest hint of detoxing properties, plus it gives you a nice boost of energy to make it through the day! 🙂

And complete the cleansing with some new external products to keep the outside as purified as the inside..Arbonne Seasource Detoxifying Kit!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

On This Day In History: Nacho Salad


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Golden Delight

This drink is going to seem a little strange to many of you – “you want me to drink a whole teaspoon of turmeric??”  But it actually tastes wonderful.  It’s very warming, filling, and may very well be good for your health.  Turmeric is known to be an anti-inflammatory agent, have loads of anti-oxidants, improves liver function and lowers cholesterol.  Cinnamon is also anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, improves memory function and regulates blood sugar.  A single teaspoon of both turmeric and cinnamon each have 5% of the recommended daily value for iron!  Add in the contribution from the hemp milk and you’re getting 15% of your iron in one cup of this drink, for those of you keeping track.  I have a strong personal preference for Ceylon cinnamon (aka “true” cinnamon), rather than the Cassia that is always what you’re getting when you buy something labeled “cinnamon” without specifying “Ceylon.”  If you can’t tell by the label which one you’ve got, then you’ve got Cassia.  Ceylon cinnamon has a milder, sweeter, more delicate flavor than Cassia.  But if you can’t find Ceylon cinnamon, or are totally content with the Cassia you have (a valid life choice), I would reduce the amount called for in this recipe.


1/2 C water

1 tsp ground turmeric

1 tsp ground Ceylon cinnamon (or 1/2 tsp Cassia cinnamon)

3/4 C vanilla hemp milk

1 tsp almond oil


1.  Bring water to a simmer is a small sauce pan.  Whisk in the turmeric and cinnamon.  Simmer for 3 minutes.

2.  Whisk in the hemp milk and almond oil.  Reduce heat to low.  As soon as it begins to simmer, remove from heat and serve.


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VeganMoFo 2009

Thank you GoDairyFree.org (via Hannah Kaminsky of Bittersweet Blog) for declaring 2009 as the Year of the Coconut! Ok, so maybe she’s not the UN (see Year of the Potato)..but there are some health benefits to consuming coconut and coconut oil – even if this title isn’t globally recognized 😉

For one thing, coconut is rich in protein and the ‘meat’ of the coconut is excellent at destroying intestinal parasites that you get from eating infected foods. Drinking coconut water is an excellent way to cleanse the kidneys and bladder during times of infection. Additionally, coconut milk is wonderful source of iodine (to keep that thyroid in check), eases constipation and flatulence, and has been reported to soothe sore throats and intestinal ulcers. On the external side of things, coconut oil has been shown to heal cuts, scratches, burns and sunburns. You want to remove wrinkles? Coconut oil has been recommended as a facial massage to reduce those wrinkles! And the consumption of 2 TBSP virgin coconut oil each day has been reported to reduce your daily Vitamin E requirements!

As all Primate followers will know, we love us some coconut milk, coconut yogurt, coconut cocoa…anything! And it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway – Turtle Mountain So Delicious is one of our favorite choices for all things coconut: CM Beverage for our teas and such, CM Yogurts for our frozen treats or just for breakfast/snacks, store-bought ice creams..you name it! Here’s a run-down of our favorite coconutty-recipe goodness!

Coconut Curried Chickpea Soup

If you’re looking for a savory main entrée, check out these babies:

Coconut Curry Chickpea Soup

Vegetable Curry (similar to an Aloo Gobi)

For the sweet-tooth, try:

white chocolate gelatoPiña Colada or French Martini Frozen Yogurt

Mint-Chip Ice Cream

White Chocolate Gelato

Vegan Pastry Cream

Lemon Cream Popper Pies

And of course, some drinks include:

Devil with a Blueberry Dress On or Bananarama Smoothie

Both Iced and Hot Chai Tea

And our most recent, and quite popular, addition: Double Chocolate Diablo!

chaiteaIced ChaiDouble Cocoa Diablo

Happy Coconuts!


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VeganMoFo 2009As I sit here at the local Barnes & Noble (free wi-fi) in my chair that is so big my feet don’t reach the ground, I feel that childish giddy that comes with the cold weather and its natural companion, hot chocolate! I used So Delicious Coconut Milk beverage in this recipe, but any milk will do… it’s just that the CM beverage is slightly thicker, giving the cocoa a more rich and velvety texture – which I love! I feel like this drink is best summed up in the song, Hot Child In The City by Nick Gilder…. 😉 though this cocoa is NOT for kiddos! So enjoy your “danger in the shape of somethin’ wild” and who cares “where she came from or what her game is….”


2 C So Delicious coconut milk beverage
hot cocoa amount per directions on package for 2 C
4 squares Maya Gold Green&Black chocolate (or any other chocolate bar with spice, about 2 TBSP if using chocolate chips)
1/4 tsp cayenne (if you want it spicy spicy, add in more pinches until desired heat)
1 TBSP Amaretto or Cointreau


1. Fill your mug with hot water and let sit while you make the cocoa, so the cup gets warm – keeping your cocoa warmer just a little bit longer.
2. In a small saucepan, heat 2 C CM beverage (or other milk) over medium-low heat. Add cocoa powder (for 2 C/16 oz), 1/4 tsp cayenne, and the 4 small squares of Maya Gold (or about 2 TBSP chocolate chips).
3. Whisk until chocolate is melted, and the mixture is steaming but not boiling. Remove from heat, add Amaretto or Cointreau.
4. Pour into warmed mug, top with a Sweet & Sara marshmallow and enjoy!!

Double Cocoa Diablo

Happy Drinking!

On This Day In History: Sopapillas



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I’ve been a bit stressed lately, not eating as great as I normally do – and unfortunately my body (and Primate readers) suffers because of this. Since I don’t have time to do a full weekend detox, I thought I’d make a mild detoxing sun tea…MILD detoxing. The detox blend that I use contains goldenseal. In addition to it’s properties as a bile-secretion stimulant (thus helping detox and elimination), it’s properties as a diuretic is bad if it builds up in the body because you can become excessively Rosey Detox Sun Teadehydrated, so one needs to be careful when ingesting it over time. Ok, with that said..this tea was super delicious, as always right 😉 ! This recipe makes 2 qts.


1-2 TBSP Detox Blend tea
1 TBSP Rose Melange blend
2-3 TBSP Rooibus tea
1 TBSP agave nectar


Place all ingredients in a 2 qt pitcher (with lid), and fill with 2 qts cold water. Place in sun 3-4 hours, strain, and chill. Enjoy!

Happy Teatime!


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I promise I’ll get back to more involved recipes soon…but to help tide you over, here’s another variation of the Ceylon Lemon Sun tea. This was fabulous, and the cranberries didn’t overwhelm the flavor. So they simply provided a lovely, subtle cranberry-esque aroma. Super delicious! This recipe makes it perfect strength to be served without ice. If you want to serve over ice, add in another TBSP or two of Ceylon tea to make it stronger so as the ice melts it won’t become unpleasantly weak.Cranberry Lemon suntea


4 TBSP Ceylon tea leaves
1 TBSP jasmine flowers
1 lemon, washed and sliced
1/3 C dried cranberries
2 qts cold water
1 TBSP agave nectar


Place all ingredients in a 2 qt pitcher and leave in sun for 3 hours. Strain, chill, and enjoy!

Happy Teatime!


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