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inaug. sugar cookies6It’s holiday time again, and that means another menu to inspire your 4th of July festivities. Since I’m spending the fourth in DC..I’m feeling rather patriotic. So here’s a few ideas to help you celebrate our Independence, while simultaneously celebrating your own independence from animal cruelty. There are some obvious choices because of color scheme (blueberry tart), but I’ve also listed some traditional All-American classics like chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Hope this inspires!

Hannah’s Potato Salad

Ice Cream Trio – Blueberry, Strawberry, and White Chocolate
Chocolate Chip cookies (or if you’re at altitude)
Sugar cookies (colored for the occasion)
Margaritas and/or Lemonade

Various salsas, naturally: Pico de gallo, Roasted corn, Tomatillo

*Don’t forget the chips for the salsas!

blueberry tart5

Happy Fourth of July!


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